Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Speed Limit Reached


23 or 24 posted on a perfect November 12 morning. Seventy and sunny.

The Thang

5 Don Quixote’s to start. 5 Don Quixote’s every five minutes during the workout (real crowd pleaser). Ball lickers for 55 seconds…Swirly was counting too slow so we moved on. Run to the tarmac and Triangle Up (Yep, Saabski loves a good triangle). Bunch of exercises, topped off with 55 SSH. Move to the side of the school for a triple check. Peoples Chair, WWII, run forward then backwards (twice). Repeat 5x. Mosey to the tennis courts for four corners. First corner 15 Merkins, second corner 20 jump squats, third corner 25 carolina dry-docks, last corner 30 SSH. Mosey to side of school for some more exercises and 55 side straddle hops. SAAB lead us in Esther Williams style scissor kicks and then 55 seconds of 6 inches. Mosey to the parking lot for COP where Saab took us out


55th Birthday for Saab. Great celebration and awesome to have such a big crowd out there. We tried to stick with his favorite exercises along the way. When Saab started F3, he dipped his toe in the water and decided he was a run only guy. After the first BRR, he went all in and has been fully committed to F3 since. Cannot think of a better guy to be part of the group. It has been an honor to have you part of the group. Plus, if you ever get in a fight, he is well versed in Queen’s rules boxing.

For anyone wishing to continue the birthday celebration with Saab, he is going to go to the China Buffet tonight for a late dinner at 3pm. He said he would buy and Ensure for all that attend.



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  1. Enjoy your birthday Saab. Thanks to you and the rest of the geriatric crew for keeping this group fully of sarcasm and wit.

  2. Happy birthday, Saabski. Great to be out in the slop with you. I assume that after China Buffet there will be a Big Lebowski viewing somewhere?

    I confess to being somewhat disappointed that it did not torrentially downpour. Those days are the best.

  3. Lab-Rat-esque apology to the PAX who had to endure an absolute record-number of DQ’s…which incidentally placed a severe strain on the velcro-strips holding up my Depends.

    To the China Buffet, don’t knock it. Be it food or beer, everything is more palatable when you are getting it at an AARP discount.

    As stated, I dipped my toe into this group for about 6 months before a stint on the BRR. That’s when I really learned about the 2nd-F…that’s what pulled me in and keeps me in. All you fellas are the Real Achievers…and proud I am of all of you.

    Saab Abides