Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How many fingers does Pinto have and Which way did they go??


Post on behalf of WordPress-less Pinto: (maybe a little commentary added in)

Here’s how it went down:
Into the muggy hot gloom 7 men started the day wondering if it was August or November 11th. 

COP: Circle up Disclaimer given (minus the one about Pinto is not awake for calling out cadence and its really an OYO until he stops counting to some random number)
Start with 17 side straddle hops
Next 9 don quiotes
10 merkins
20 LBC

Time to roll:
4 warriors ran by lake and across Three chopt to Culpepper sac number 1, circle back to wait for remainder to catch up.
Nowhere in sight (cuz the Q said they were running around the Goose lake), keep backtracking and get back lake.
Roger Roger whistles and gets reply from across water.
Run continues to meet in the middle, 25 merkins, head back to cul de sacs. At each cul de sac and do
10 burpees,
run to next one,
25 merkins,
run to next one,
10 burpees,
run and repeat until 5 sets of 25 merkins completed and 5 sets of 10 burpees.
Mosey back to flag and meet up with our lost warriors (we were not lost…we just didn’t have our cell phones for GPS and the 1st door we knocked on for direction to find ya’ll offered us some breakfast and coffee so we took them up on it and then decided to head back the AO. Did a few exercises so when you guys got back, it looked like we had been working hard) and did 25 celebration merkins to round out our 4 mile trot.

Name FNG Bacon Bits
Close in prayer, get the day started!!


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