Tuesday, September 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stationary Rebellion – SOJ Style


8 Early Rising Sexy Men converged on the humid streets of First Watch to start the day with minimal running. YHC had been sucking wind that last few weeks with First Watch becoming a 2nd Spider Run AO. To avoid another tour of Westham, I grabbed the Q last week to minimize miles and promote stationary exercises with some light jogging.

5.30 rang and off we moseyed down passing bumpers for Burpees to front of the Church for THE THANG:

COP #1 included F3 waiver, DQ’s, Helis, Cherry Pickers, Arm Circles, Reverso, Freddies, LBC’s, Scorpion Kicks, Merkins.

COP #2 Parking Lot Beast: A Typical Beast is an up and back routine. This beast was a modification with a mixture of 4 corners and 2 additional stops along the way. 6 Exercises at 6 stops for 6 rounds. Routine included Hand Release Merkins, 2 count Mountain Climbers, WWII’s, 2 count American Hammers, Plank Jacks and the always popular Burpee.

COP #3 Mankillers: Following a quick rest to allow for some oversharing, mosey to the Main Church Entrance to circle up. Would not be an SOJ Q without bringing in a SOJ tradition of Mankillers. After a quick counting error, YHC got the ball rolling for 10 sets of SSH’s starting at 10 Full SSH, 10 3/4 SSH, 10 1/2 SSH, 10 1/4 SSH. Next up is 9, 8, 7 etc. Not much mumble chatter.

COP #4 Circle Work: With the calves burning, slow mosey back to original parking lot for some routine circle work. Coupons were brought out for some AMRAP work with 8 exercises. Timer was a jog around the parking lot. Rotate exercises upon runners return. Chest Press (w/ coupon), Curls (w/ coupon), Rows (w/coupon), Squats, WWII’s, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers or Lunges. 1 round with each exercise.

Stay in the Circle for a Merkin Ring of Fire. Variety of 10 merkins OYO in order while rest of the PAX planks.

Numbers, Names, Announcements. YHC took us out.


– Veterans Day is today. Thank you to Honeydo and all those Service Men and Women that help keep our country safe to allow us the ability to live of life of freedom.

– Thanksgiving Miseducation by TYA at Mary Munford at 6 am Thanksgiving morning. See Slack for details.

– Black Friday runathon following – see Slack for details.

Moleskin: Running is not a specialty of YHC so seeing the Q was open, was quickly grabbed to minimize future miles. Great Mumble Chatter this morning including some Honeydo oversharing, penisillin, and stories for “friends” getting busted watching Cinemax late night. Future generations have it so easy now with 24/7 internet. YHC always enjoys the challenge of Mankillers that Doozy started at SOJ. Glad to hear the PAX enjoyed this time burner.

Honor leading you boys today. Thank you for the good times and laughs along the way.


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  1. Great variety last call. Speaking of variety, make sure you stretch your calves out before brushing your teeth.

  2. Sure was a lot of running for a stationary beat down.

    See Oversharing can also be informative: pre-brush stretching > during-brush stretching.