Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

My Gas saves lives man!


11 strong rolled into to SOT for a Wednesday beat down., And this time it was sunny and 72 degrees. Wilson and YHC were splitting the Q today and had something fun in store. The air was just right for beat down, According the the bus driver this is what went down. Mosey to front lot.

COP- YHC took lead- 30 SSH’s, 10 each Cherry pickers DQ’s, IW’s, Helicopters, Merkins, LBC’s, Flutters, Dollies. Mosey to door one. Many service members jammed to the Doors as they passed their time overseas and domestically. On Veterans Day we started with the door challenge.

Do the exercisex#on door, Door 1-5 Burpees, 6-10 WWII’s, 11-15 Merkins, 16-20 Squats, 21-25 LBC’s, 26-30 Monkey humpers (Bonethug called out “I hope no one is watching the security cameras right now!”), 31-33 SSH’s. I remember first doing the doors with DK and it seemed much harder.

Wilson’s turn, Parking lot tracers with stopping for exercise at baseline escalating from 1. We did one through 10. Doozy had a brain cramp picking. Some were SSH’s, Plankjacks, Chuck Norris’s, etc. Mosey to flag for 5 minutes of mary. Great work today boys. Runners returned right on time.

Prayers to Bonethug’s FIL and to Gumbo’s classmate who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in Iraq. On Veterans Day we thank all that served and fought to defend out freedom and our flag. Thank you and God bless.

The title: See below. Apparently Wilson’s gas saves lives man.


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  1. First – thank you to all the incredible men and women who served, are serving and who will decide to serve. Freedom is NOT free and some paid the ultimate price way too soon. I am blessed to live in the USA. Thank you.
    Second – thank you to Nancy for letting me tag along on his Q. It was fun and he provided a solid beating.
    Third – I save lives. According to research, my ability to start gag reflexes could save your life! Your welcome. lol #salmonandmalbec those present for that morning will remember!
    Have a great day fellas.

  2. All kidding aside wilson. You getting me involved in F3 has been amazing and I thank you. Also thanks to our Vets! Also thanks to all Pax who push me to get better

  3. Great call by Rosie to honor Charles Ransom with some laps on Charles Ransom Way. Really enjoyed running and talking with Boberry and Tobit…and still getting our merkins in of course.

    Thanks to all our Vets!