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Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy 245th Birthday Marines


10 men showed up on the 10th of November to celebrate the 245th birthday of the United States Marine Corps and to learn a history lesson on the battle history of the Marines. This is how it went down.

Nov 10, 1775Birth of USMC11 SSH + 10 Burpees
1776 – Fort Nassau, Bahamas
The 1st amphib raid
Plank walk across island
1805 – Battle of Derna“Shores of Tripoli”
Lt Presley O’Bannon and his 7 Marines marched 600 miles across the Libyan desert to capture the city of Derna and rescue the kidnapped crew of USS Philadelphia
Indian run w/ 6 doing 10 merkins
1847 – Battle of Chapultepec“Halls of Montezuma”
Mexican-American War, Marines captured Palacio Nacional after 2 days of bloody fighting that eventually led to American victory and defined our southern border today.
Bearcrawl up the halls of Atlee and crawlbear back
1918 – Battle of Belleau WoodWWI, outside of Paris, Marines fought the Germans for 20 days seizing enemy positions and defeated all counterattacks by Germans through their superior marksmanship. Earned the nickname Tuefelhunden or Devil DogP1 – WW1 situps
P2 – Windsprints
1945 – Battle of Iwo JimaWWII, as part of the island hoping Pacific campaign, Marines were sent to capture the airfields at Iwo Jima. The battle lasted 36 days and despite heavy losses Marines were victorious signified by the raising of the American flag on Mt. SuribachiIsland “bunny” hop + 10 Am hammers at each island
1950 – Chosin Reservoir
(frozen Chosin)
Korean War, 1st MarDiv found itself surrounded and outnumbered 8:1 by the Chinese army. Marines fought their way out to safety in -40 deg temp destroying 10 Chinese divisions in the process. No other U.S. forces ever have faced worse weather, terrain or odds.Lunge backwards
1968 – Battle of Hue CityVietnam War, communist forces launched the Tet Offensive and captured the ancient city of Hue. Marines fought for 33 days in bitter house to house fighting to recapture the city with heavy losses.Rooster walk
1991 – Desert Storm1st Gulf War, 8000 Marines kept the entire Iraqi army distracted so the remaining Allied forces can manuever and assault the Iraqi positions from the West.BOMBS
5 burpees + 10 overhead claps + 15 merkins + 20 WW2s + 25 squats
2001-PresentAfter 9/11 Marines have engaged in multiple conflicts across the globe against Al Qaeda and other terorrist orgs.Suicides

Notes: YHC saw the Q was open on this and wanted to give the PAX a little different workout. It was an honor to lead the workout today.


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