Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This english chick is really whiny


14 Stallions showed up at NoToll to better themselves. According to the confused walkers, this is how it went down:

YHC’s favorite album came out 20 years ago in the year 2000: Kid A by Radiohead. The same year that there was also an election not decided on election night. Why not share the greatness of Radiohead with the rest of the PAX? 5:30am hit and we were off! Mosey to the large parking lot for:


F3 welcome, introduction and disclaimer followed by:

Invisible Jump Rope x 10, Jazzercise x 10, Russian Soldiers x 10, Collard Pickers x 10, Pretzel Twists x 20 (10 each leg), Hello Dolly x 10, Rosalita x 10. Recover and mosey to where the benches used to be, turn on the tunes then:


X Marks The Spot #1: Run from pavilion to each corner of fields and back, 20 SSH at each corner, 20 Merkins back at the pavillion each time. Al Gore for the 6.

Triple Check #1: Carolina Dry Docks, LBCs, timer mosey around bleachers and back. Al Gore for the 6.

X Marks The Spot #2: 20 merkins x 20 squats x4: Al Gore for 6

Triple Check #2: No Surrenders, Flutter Kicks, timer runs around tree next to parking lot and back. Al Gore for the 6.

X Marks The Spot #3 :20 merkins x 20 monkey humpers x4 : Al Gore for 6

BTTF for


Numbers, Names, Announcements (see below), YHC took us out


YHC has thought a lot lately about how you keep hearing that there is unprecedented division politically and otherwise in the world right now. It sure doesn’t appear that way in the gloom, where we are all brothers! Also, it was only 20 years ago that an election was close and not decided on election night. As we approach Thanksgiving, YHC is very thankful for F3 and all the PAX! If you couldn’t tell from the music…. 20 years ago was a much darker time mentally for YHC. Thanks in no small part to the PAX, YHC is in a much better place these days! Make today a great day fellas, ya’ll rocked it today with 240 merkins!


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  1. Great Q, Boberry. I was gassed by the end, mostly because there was some healthy competition on the runs during the Triple Checks. I loved being there for Wilson’s reaction to listening to some intense Radiohead riffs. Hilarious.

  2. Boberry-great Q, questionable choice in music. But it’s your choice right? Kinda the point of today. The beating kicked my ass. Well done.