Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Market Prison


A beautiful new week has given birth and the Satan’s hill faithful was ready with a baker’s half dozen in attendance. YHC rolled in the back door to SH having set up the pathway we would be using with some lighting. Lighting was not up to par and Wilson complained of sprained ankles but we soldiered on. According to the white Tesla here is what went down.

COP- SSHx20, 10 each DQ, Cherry pickers, deadman hang, Helicopters, Merkins, flutters, dollies, Rosalita’s. Mosey to the rock pile.

Horseshoe: Start with a rock exercise run the show to Wilson’s cup-de-sac do next exercise. Exercises accumulate. 10 Tricep presses, 20 merkins, 30 curls, 40 LBC’s 50 Rock copters, 60 Prom dates.

Triple Check: Using the same path for the run timers others did curls and overhead presses. Complete and time was called.

Numberama/Namearama Announcements TYA Thanksgiving day beat down. Black Friday run-a-thon. Good luck to the New Market Marathoners. They launch on Friday! Good luck Marmaduke, Honeymoon and POG!!

Rosco took us out in prayer.

Rosco started singing Folsom Prison changed to NM friendly lyrics. It sounded pretty good, you might have a hit. HEnce the BB title. Beavis way to get back and post! Great work gentleman.


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