Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No I was not.


YHC arrived to find some the Satan’s Hill faithful and one FNG. Some mumble chatter persisted culminating with the decision to flush your system before or after the workout. Hearing that YHC called for a mosey and according to the white Tesla this is what went down.

COP: SSH, DQ’s, IW’s, Cherry pickers, Helicopters, Merkins, LBC’s Flutters. And off we went.

The Thang: Run up to first entrance to first sac. After AGing for the 6, Run to sac end and perform 20 merkins, WWII’s and squats and repeato at starting point. Mosey to next sac. Double sac: perform all 3 exercises at both sacs and starting point (SSHx20, IWx20, Russian soldiersx20). Mosey to the next sac, continue mosey to a cinder block pile in front of new construction. Cindy’s triple check: block curl, block press, running to end of sac. Head BTTF while stopping at each intersection and doing first set of exercises. Wilson shouted 2 minutes and YHC called hustle BTF. Everyone received a bonus minute.

Prayers to Rosco and his career search as well as for our country.

Announcements TYA’s Thanksgiving beat down, see preblast.

Always an honor to lead and thanks for the push! Welcome Beavis!


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  1. Just to memorialize this. Hermie went on a rant about “The Marine” way to which Rosco asked were you a Marine to which Hermie replied steadfastly “No I was NOT”.