Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s the 2nd Dover Left


On a picture perfect November morning, 25 dudes met up for what turned out to be a complicated route south of Cary Street. This isn’t the first, or even the fourth time that we’ve took a stab at the vaunted “Windsor Farms to Hillcrest” jaunt…and, much like the first few times, I’m not sure anyone completed it as it was planned out.

Either way…here’s the ideal way to run this route…

Head east on Wilmetta which more or less turns into Kingscrest. Up the hill on Kingscrest until it dead ends at Malvern.

Right (south) on Malvern. Malvern crosses Cary and heads into Windsor Farms. You veer left on Canterbury which takes you around the backside of the neighborhood.

If you take the left the first time you see Dover, you’ll end up on the Powhite Parkway. Don’t take the first left on Dover. Continue to go around past Agecroft Hall and Gardens and then you come upon Dover again.

Take that left. That shoots you out to Locke Lane. You hop across an overgrown median and end up on Pocahontas. Take that until it ends on Hillcrest.

Take a right (North) on Hillcrest and start up the namesake of the street.

4s…exit Hillcrest (on Hillcrest, ironically) and cross Cary. Head west for about 15 paces to Oak. Go North on Oak, across Grove to Patterson. East on Patterson, south on WestMoreland, east on Grove, back to the flag.

5s…take another loop around Hillcrest, then exit on Hillcrest and follow the path of the 4s.

6s….take the same 2nd loop on Hillcrest but keep going back down the hill…go straight on Charmain, which ends up being WestMoreland. Hairpin turn at the end of WestMoreland (at Cary) back south on Locke. Take a RIGHT on Dover, then left on Berkshire to Cary. West on Cary and Circle MM back to the flag.

I’m committed to having the PAX finish this without error…so YHC signed up to Q next Friday as well.

It’ll be the same route.

Prayer requests–Pray for Shakedown’s family. Oleander doing a 100mile run on the Capital Trail.

Have a good weekend, guys.


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  1. Ok, I promise to run it correctly next Friday – ?

    Don’t know if you have noticed but LR and I can get a bit chatty… wrong turn.

    Thanks for the prayers guys. Seems to have worked already. This morning included some follow up testing that could have yielded some scary results but we got good news. I’m an anxious fellow and believe in prayer so if you even sent a good thought or vibe this morning please know that I appreciate it. I can also get a bit dramatic, lol

    Welcome Juul!