Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Potatoes for Everyone!


YHC met with two other spud loving PAX members for a cool morning in one of the City’s finest parks, with the best work out facilities. Oyster started us out precisely at 5:30 AM. We moseyed on over to the circle for the COP.

Mix of merkins, Don Quixote’s, LBCs, side straddle hops, and more. YHC’s memory is failing but we did get in a good deal of merkins. Next Oyster moseyed us on over to the cage for a good ole’ fashion cage match. It went down like this: three rounds, three people, three exercises, timer runs to the fire hydrant and back, one does pull ups, and the other does inclined merkins. Repeato three times and then we were done.

Next YHC after much cajoling was tossed the potato and off to the hill we headed. YHC may botch this explanation but it went down like this. Three people, three different exercises, the timer is at the bottom of the hill going through 100 burpees, 200 air squats, and 300 side straddle hops. Second person hangs out at the top of the hill doing a series of ab exercises, and the third person runs up to the top of the hill and changes place with the person at the top. We can call this one bringing down the person off the top of the mountain or just a plain old hill workout. To complicate it even more, the runner ran up to one higher tree along the hill each time. Confused, YHC is too, but we finished just a few minutes shy of the end time.

Moseyed on back to the flag with a few merkins along the way back and finished out with a nice plank. YHC is probadly missing some things but the big data gods will be happy that YHC at least got the names right.

Numbers and Names and Oyster took us out with some thoughtful words on considering others.


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