Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Beardless Swiper


To shave, or not to shave, that is the question. For one of our PAX it was an age old question, beard or…

Intervals was the call of the day and YHC could sense the excitement of the PAX. One PAX member started pacing around 528, grumbling something about still waiting for instructions. Huggy Bear emerged from his chariot asking how this run thing worked. Perfect timing for YHC to declare, “Let’s Mosey!”

The Thang
Warm up run up out Richmond, Right on UR, left on Ridgeway. Convene at the intersection of Fairway and Ridgeway for intervals. 1 minute up hill at 75%+ effort. Recovery mosey back down in 1:45.

3x – Fairway to Tapoan
3x – Ridgeway
Mosey to the bottom intersection of Roselawn & Towana
3x – Roselawn
3x – Towana

Recovery mosey back to the VSF for our post workout routine and YHC took us out.

YHC hasn’t been to Spider Run since August and has sorely missed the hills around UR. As YHC was reviewing previous Spider Run routes and contemplating possibilities for the day, a realization was made that intervals have been non-existent since Saab’s variation in August. Election day seemed like a perfect opportunity to reintroduce them to the PAX.

Great catching up with everyone during and post run. Especially fun to discuss how Tuckahoe’s future leaders decided to break into Bodo’s church, repeatedly.

TYA Turkey Fest on thanksgiving at Mary. Also planning on a Black Friday party in Forest Hill Park. See TYA for details.

Kanye West is apparently still on the ballet in Caroline County.

Until next time fellas.




  1. We all knew that was coming when you kept the pax together. My apologies for yelling so loudly when Garbage Plate was trying to catch Hitchhiker- I get really excited about competition at 6 in the morning.
    Thanks Splinter!

  2. Great to have Splinter back and healthy. Intervals were a necessary evil.

    Kudos to our FNG and now resident tween Swiper.

    I hope Caroline County doesn’t become the Miami Dade of Y2000…..

  3. As painful as it was, I need more of that. Thanks Splinter.

    Bodos – your energy is amazing and appreciated, it was time for those folks to get up anyway. I think i need to work on my delivery.