Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Have we done this Q before?


Warmarama :

10 four count SSH

10 four count Don Quixote’s

10 four count Russian Soldiers

10 four count cherry pickers

The Thang : 

Mosey to rock pile and choose your poison

All PAX together jog up Satan’s hill then back to parking lot for an exercise. Repeato for as many exercises as possible. 

1st exercise – 30 overhead rock presses

2nd exercise- 40 four count flutters

3rd exercise- 25 rock thrusters 

4th exercise- 30 rock curls

5th exercise- 40 four count American hammers

6th exercise- 50 rock squats

7th exercise- 20 rock tricep extensions

8th exercise- 25 WWII’s while holding rock

(Time was running out so we did our

Jog halfway up Satan’s hill for the last exercise)

9th exercise – 20 double count ball dippers



YHC loves the rocks and hill at this AO. Hard to beat the easy access to coupons and a long hill to make your Q’s challenging. 




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