Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Two stallions traded the fart sack for a 70 degree and sunny morning at Forest Hill Park. Here’s how it went:

Warmarama: mosey to corner of 42nd and Forest Hill Ave for SSHs x 20, IWs x 10, Helicopters x 10, arm circles x 15 x reverso, Freddy Mercuries x 20, APDs x 10.

The THANG: mosey to the sledding hill for 11s – 1 x hand release merkin, up the hill, 10 x Dying Cockroach Quixotes (DQs supine on the deck), etc. to 10 x HRM and 1 x DCQ.

Mosey to coupon garden for Coupon Lindsay: 10 x coupon squats, carry coupon to far pylon by the maintenance shed, 30 x coupon curls, etc. to 30 x coupon squats and 10 x coupon curls.

Mosey to pickleball court for 4 Corners (High Class Escort Service Style – come back to the same/first corner each time, but don’t add the intervening exercise sets — that’s for hourly hotels and truck stop bathroom stalls):
– 10 x WWIIs
– 20 x American Hammers
– 30 x Heels to Heaven
– 40 x Flutter Kicks

BTTF for some Old Man Stretches. Numbers, names, YHC took us out.

NMMS: Prayers for Boberry’s sister’s s.o. – got a positive COVID test and hoping for the best. YHC was glad for the company this morning — it’s easier to embrace the suck when you’ve got someone pushing you and supporting you at the same time. And that goes for the hours between 06:16-05:29 as well …. SYITG!


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  1. Nicely done. I like that we have moved from prostitutes and ho’s (look it up) to escort services. Stay classy, Richmond.

  2. Enjoyed the second F Doublemint! I continue to be surprised with how much Batteau has to offer.