Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Killer good time


Twenty-One Trick or Treaters posted to Dogpile on all Hallows Eve for another Honeydo Q on Halloween. Some were wondering: was this a sequel, a reboot of the original, or all new material for a themed Q. Here is what we did:

COP: Invisible Entrails Jumps, Zombie Kicks, Monster Mash Merkins, something else spooky. Mosey to field but stop by lightpost on the way for Exorcist possession: 20 of a given exercise called by random pax member.

Zombie Chaser Sprints: Pax sprints to hill and last 3 are taken down and turned into Reverse Crunch Zombies. Last round was controversial as Probation cheated to win.

Jacobs Ladder (horror style): Go width of field and increase burpees up from 1 to 7. Between sides alternate Bear Crawl and Crab Walk.

Head over to Burpee Road for long Exorcist Lightpost exercises. Lots of variants: Helix Squat, Train to Busain scoots, Mtn Climbers, etc. Finish with 20 burpees at last lightpost.

Line up in team of 3 for: Human Centipede: Line up in plank feet to head and last pax broad jumps up and over until at the front. Repeat 2 times through. Mosey down to bottom of Rugby for: 7 Minute Abs (aka 3 sets of 25 PLTs per man).

Partner up while at the bottom: Wheelbarrow all the way up to the COP circle. Finish up with some HRMs and back to the flag. Bone Thug took us out as this is his 2 year Anniversary this week, Aye!

Annoucements: November Merkin Monthly challenge starts tomorrow. 5,000 Merkins for the month, 167 a day. Prayers for peace this week for the election – let’s share grace and patience with those around us needing it.

NMS: Solid numbers who were up for some goofy theme fun this morning. Hardywood’s definition of horror is definitely difference from YHC. The Zombie Chasers and Jacobs ladder were a ripoff from the original Q YHC did a few years ago. The Exorcist Lightpost exercises along Burpee Road were new and lots of fun, good variation of exercises for the PAX. Boberry and Seymore were in the Halloween spirit in costume. We had a Sippy Cup run-by after the beatdown, a welcome sight.

Human Centipede needs to come out more in the gloom, although the pax struggled with the initial directions. Upchuck and YHC dominated the partner wheelbarrow to the top, maybe there are Ab muscles in there somewhere. Good times as always at ETs, however proposals are being accepted for appropriate cold-weather location for Coffeteria.


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  1. From zero to hero, 4 and a half years or so of F3 and the abs are real, albeit well hidden.

    Nice work today, fellas. Love the theme, HoneyDo. Hope all goes well this week!

    Bone Thugs…2 years, my friend. Solid.