Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The mean streets of West Broad Village

Mean Streets Review | Movie - Empire

3 suburban warriors showed for the 5:15 WaThoHuk (Or as I prefer, WTH!) pre-run of 1.7 miles. West on Three Chopt, North on John Rolfe. East into West Broad Village (WBV), round the lake and reverse route back to the flag.

We picked up another 4 passengers, for a total of 7 brave souls, and departed into the gloom.

The Thang:

Quick warm up waiting for Don Draper: SSH x10; Merkin x15; LBC x25

Mr. Draper, as it turns out, drove all the way to Short Pump, but realized when exiting 288 he had FORGOTTEN HIS SHOES. ? Not gonna work for a run/PT AO, folks.

Off we go. Run East on Three Chopt; North ramp into WBV; Stay right toward lake; gravel path on right to cross Three Chopt; South on Thamesford Way.

At each street (dead end) on the West side of Thamesford Way, run to the end, circle back-to-last until pax is together. Then, perform exercise prescribed by the Q:

Harcourt Ln: Merkin x10; Tottenham Ct: Burpee x10; Tottenham Pl: Squat x1 (celebration of the 2 mile mark); unnamed circle: WW2 x10; Ivy Home Terr: Squat x10

Start the trip back North. Repeat run to end, back-to-last, exercise for each street (dead end) on the East side of Thamesford Way:

Ivy Home Pl: Merkin x10; Thamesford Ct: WW2 x10; Harcourt Terr: your choice x10

Cross Three Chopt; right to continue around lake; back-to-last until we all reach the gazebo on Geese Landing.

Burpee x10; Trip & Stunt Roll x1 (although I was the only pax who completed this one)

West on Geese Landing, take ramp on left to Three Chopt; back to flag; back-to-last

Last few minutes – Mary: Merkin x15; Flutter x20; LBC x10

5:30-6:15 mileage: 4.5 – 4.9 miles (depending on your speed and how much you doubled back to last)

Total mileage, including pre-run: 5.3 – 5.7 miles (!)


YHC hasn’t led a workout in a few months, other than Curahee runs.. So, in the spirit of Saw Walton (“Most everything I’ve done I’ve copied from someone else”) I borrowed from an earlier WaThoHuk beta workout by Gypsy..

Enjoyed leading this one – as a slower runner (9-9.5 min mile) it’s a puzzle to figure out how to push the pax and get a good workout for the faster guys, without them leaving me in the dust.

We did a lot of back-to-last running in a previous bootcamp workout group, and I love it. It’s a push for all – the fast guys can chase each other down – and when they come back to last, it’s a great incentive to chase / push for those of us a little slower.


Shoe drive was a great success – nice work Gypsy!! Maybe some others I had in my draft of this post, which was eaten by wordpress.

Side note: Don Draper, if you’re scared of WTH, just say you’re scared.

Take a moment, reach out to someone. Or, if you have something going on, reach out to a fellow brother!

Greenbow out.


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  1. Great Q Greenbow. Glad to join you fellas and a stamp a new AO (even if it isn’t official yet) on my tour passport


  2. GREAT Q Greenbow!!!!
    I was feeling this one…was great to see the PAX pushing so hard to accelerate.
    BTW… you failed to mention that Light House ran that entire workout on a blown out shoe… so not sure if having proper running shoes is ever going to be a valid reason to not post WTH ever again. 🙂

  3. Oh I’m definitely scared! But I also did forget my shoes. Just a week earlier and Gypsy may have had me covered. Maybe a try again this week?!?!