Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Amigos


Warmarama :

10 four count SSH

10 four count Don Quixote’s

10 four count Russian Soldiers

10 four count cherry pickers

10 four count Merkins

The Thang : 

Fartlek run around the entire campus and track (long distance run with multiple stops for PT)

1st stop : 25 two count Ball Dippers

2nd stop : 50 Merkins

3rd stop : 40 four count flutters

4th stop : 25 two count Ball Dippers (again)

5th stop : 25 burpees

6th stop : 40 four count American Hammers

7th stop : 25 two count ball dippers (third time’s a charm)

8th stop : 50 four count Mountain Climbers

9th stop : 50 WWII’s

10th stop : Wilson called 20 four count monkey humpers

11th stop : 30 dips on bench then 30 incline merkins on bench 

Mosey back to flag 



We need PAX to step up to lead Q’s at Timberwolf and Satan’s Hill. I know some of the regulars are training for an upcoming marathon but we shouldn’t be reliant on just those HIM to lead Q’s at these AO’s. Sign up on Q sheet in advance if you’re interested. 

You’ll notice I did Ball Dippers as an exercise 3 different times during this Q. That wasn’t by accident. I suck at that exercise and need to build up my leg strength. “Choose the harder route”. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”. 

Wilson and Rosetta reminded us to lift up students and teachers in prayer 

Prayer :



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