Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

13 for The Triple Lindy


A band of 13 men abandoned the Fartsack to take over Tuckahoe and this is what transpired.

Mosey down Forest to Spottswood, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 SSH’ then continue up the road to the back parking lot of Bodos’ church for COP.

Mosey back over to the teachers lot at Tuckahoe for The Triple Lindy. The group was broken in half and started on opposite sides of the lot. Everyone Bear Crawls on the top side of the lot between Parking Spots with 3 Merkins done at each spot (10 spots total), switch to Crab Walk and 5 WWII’s on the bottom side of the Lot. Repeat 3 times. Total of 90 Merkins and 150 WWII’s.

Mosey to the top of the Blacktop/Recess Lot. Partner Up for a Dora. 100 Squats, 200 Single Count Flutters, 300 SSH’s while the opposite partner runs to Fence and back.

Mosey to the Small Bus Loop. Triple Check. Partner 1 Wall Sits, Partner 2 LBC’s, Partner 3 Bernie Sanders around the Bus Loop.

Announcements: Breaking Bread. 4th Saturday and Sunday night, but no openings until March unless you Tag Team with someone else.

NMS – Not a lot of Mumble Chatter this morning, but definitely some residual jokes from Saturdays post beatdown breakfast. Despite a lack of sleep this was the best way to start my Monday. The Triple Lindy name comes from the 1980’s classic Back to School. Bonus points to Pucker for immediately recognizing the name.

Welcome to FNG Road Rash! A solid nickname came out of the woodwork despite Bodo’s best attempts to neuter it.


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  1. Nicely done, Handshake. Triple Lindy brought the pain on a Monday.

    Welcome, Road Rash. Can’t wait to hear the other stories.

  2. Pretty sure Road Rash tried to neuter himself in that story he told. Way to keep digging for the dirt Handshake.

  3. Way to blast the Abs in preparation for Halloween candy this week Handshake. Welcome Road Rash.

  4. Great work Handshake! That lot crawl was rough. Thanks guys for welcoming Road Rash. Handshake, I will never question your methods again.

  5. Thanks everyone for bearing with The Triple Lindy. I’ve always enjoyed the beatdowns that we constantly come back to the same muscles but never to complete fatigue. I’m glad Road Rash came out.