Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gerry Q’s take a week off


12 strong posted at Mary this morning wondering what happened to the age 50+ Q’s that had been leading lately. There would be no appearances by Abe Vigoda or Esther Williams, but TYA and Saab would make up the difference.

COP at Sarah’s Corner:

Don Quixotes x 10

Helicopters x 15

Russian Soldiers x 15

SSH’s x 25

WWII’s x 15

Crab Cakes x 15

TYA leads Ball Lickers x 20 count from Swirly

Mosey to front of the school for:

Triple Check:

Partners 1 and 2 perform Partner Leg Tosses

Partner 3 Bear Crawls to trees, perform 5 merkins, crawl bear back to partners.

3 Rounds

Al Gore for the six

Mosey to the blacktop for:

4 Corners:

Corner 1 = 40 Deep Squats

Corner 2 = 30 Carolina Dry Docks

Corner 3 = 20 Lt. Dan’s

Corner 4 = 10 Hand Release Merkins

Elbow Plank

“Saab, give us a 20 count”

“Saab, give us a 20 count”

“SAAB, GIVE US A 20 COUNT!!!!” 🙁

Mosey over to the tennis courts for:

DORACIDES (Deconstructed Burpee Edition)

100 x Leg Thrusts

200 x Merkins

300 x Jump Squats

Partner runs the tennis courts suicide style stopping at three lines for 1 burpee, 2 burpees, 3 burpees

Mary for the six

45 seconds back to the flag!

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!


Capital Trail CSAUP starts tomorrow. See TYA if interested.

Shoe Drive continues

45MOM Gerry Q’s start back up next Thursday with Swirly leading 🙂


Thanks for coming out this morning and celebrating YHC’s three year F3 Anniversary. YHC is very grateful for the friends/brothers that he has made and for your continuing to push me to higher levels.

Also, thanks for enduring a Q by a PAX member that is still under 50 years old at Mary. YHC knows that’s a rarity!

Everyone have a great day and SYITG!


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  1. Thanks for the burpees Kubota! Everyone loves them, amiright?

    Good to see some different faces other than those in my tuckahoe bubble.