Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s it? Not it! Your it


11 strong showed up in the parking lot of SOT this morning, Wilson and Duke went one way 7 more went another way leaving YHC and Rosco wondering what just happened. YHC decided to take the bull by the horns and lead a two man party. After COP Doner Kabob joined the party and Bulls eye went in search of some runners.

COP – DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Dead Man Hangs, Merkins and LBC,s

Mosey to door #1 – Go to each door for increasing merkins door 1 = 1 merkin, door 2 = 2 merkins up to door 20A = 20 merkins at 20B switch to Squats through door 33

Mosey to bottom of hill for a triple check

Partner 1 low wall sits, partner 2 jump squats and partner 3 runs the hill and back (X3)

BTTF for 2 rounds of LBC ring of fire, round 1 20 LBC’s while partners 2 and 3 do crab cakes. Round 2 10 LBC,s

Numbers / Names THC took us out

Boberry explained what 3rd F is and said there is a link to join every other Tuesday.

NMS: Interesting start to the day. What looked to be a big PAX ended up with just YHC and Rosco here for a Bootcamp everyone else took off on a run including Wilson and Duke, Whatttt??? YHC had never met Rosco so it was actually good to somewhat get to know him a bit. DK ended up joining us at about door number 3 after taking his warm up lap around the track. All the runners returned without incident but apparently Wilson tried to stir up trouble with a Jeep at one point.


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  1. Nice to have so many out running this morning! Bullseye, sorry we left you behind.

    Took a nasty fall in front of MMS on the way back from the 2nd 5 mile run. A few scrapes but really just my pride that was injured…glad none of y’all saw it.