Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Seven thrill-seekers descended upon First Watch today for a Q postponement from last week. Some early risers were there upwards of 10 minutes early, hoping to capture today’s over-sharer story first hand. The PAX would have to wait until the chosen one spoke for storytime. Traveling disclaimer this AM, no COP, and here’s what happened:

The Thang
The Malfunctioning Escalator
– Run 5 minutes: west on River, north on Gaymont, left on Kingston, left on Rose Hill
– 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 squats
– Run 4 minutes: left on Ralston, right on River, left into Windsor, left on Bevlynn
– 6 burpees, 12 merkins, 23 squats
– Run 3 minutes: right on Brookchase
– 7 burpees, 14 merkins, 26 squats
– Run 2 minutes: continue on Brookchase, right on Bevlynn
– 8 burpees, 16 merkins, 29 squats
– Run 1 minute: up Bevlynn, left on Windsor
– 9 burpees, 18 merkins, 32 squats
– Run 2 minutes: east on River, left on Ralston
– 8 burpees, 16 merkins, 29 squats
– Run 3 minutes: right on Kingston
– 7 burpees, 14 merkins, 26 squats
– Run 4 minutes: right on Gaymont
– 6 burpees, 12 merkins, 23 squats
– Run 5 minutes: left on River, right on Ridge, turn around at Country Squire and return to flag
– 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 squats
– APDs x25

Numbers, names, announcements and YHC took us out in silence.

Upchuck arrived thinking it was YHCs F3 anniversary. Clearly, he gets confused on social media as it was YHCs wedding anniversary yesterday. Whatever it takes to encourage someone to post.

Props to Kubota and Last Call who both proclaimed that they are part of Wilson’s I Hate Running Crew. T-shirt opportunity may be in play here? Perhaps clowns on the back? This workout is arguably a running workout so nice job pushing through ALL OF IT. I clocked it at 3.1 miles. Boom.

YHC expected more mumblechatter during this workout since we would have time in between sets to pass the time. Mumblechatter significantly waned after the first few sets while most of us captured our breath.

There was continual prodding by one of our PAX members for someone to overshare. No takers for a few sets but then he spoke. So today, the over-sharer of the week award goes to EF Hutton. Congrats brother. He will be hosting a zoom call later today for his acceptance speech.

– Don’t forget to bring shoes
– Don’t forget to sign up for breaking bread




  1. Tough Q, Splinter! Humid out this morning. Thanks for giving us some oversharing material, EF Hutton!

  2. That was a surprisingly difficult workout. Nicely done, Splinter. Happy anniversary, regardless of what we were celebrating. And, thank you for donating so much of your time over the years to managing our Big Data projects.

    F3 runs on the starfish model. Every region is separate in its administration and organization. This is a huge part of the F3RVA culture. The flip side is PAX have to step up to make things happen. I wonder how many of us underestimate the work you have put (and continue to put) into making o this starfish grow and thrive (as well as making some of our Little Brother Starfishes grow too). Great work, my friend.

  3. Would have worn my running shoes had I known. Good Q Splinter.

    If Hutton shows up next week with a large beaded bracelet on his wrist that Amazon recommended he might need an intervention.

  4. Is there a secret First Watch members only area of Big Data with a running tally of overshare data?