Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaVille Platter


8 men showed up for a nice cool workout this morning and here is what went down:


YHC has not been the Q at DaVille in awhile and with a FNG in tow felt a few of my favorite routines were in order so we moseyed to the bus loop and circled up for 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 10 Helicopters, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Russian Soldiers, Arm Circles 10 small, 5 big, reverso, 10 small and 5 big, 20 LBC’s, 10 2ct American Hammers, 10 reverse scorpions, 10 scorpions and 20 merkins. We are warmed up and ready to go.


We split into 2 groups of 4 for a triple check P1-runs bus loop as the timer, P2 – Performs step ups on the bench, P3(two people) perform 40 merkins then plank waiting for P1 to finish lap. Then P2 – Runs lap, P3- Step ups and P1-40 merkins then plank. Finally P3(two people) run lap, P1- step ups, P2 – 40 merkins then planks while P3 completes lap. This completes the first Set. We repeat this set routine 2 more times.

We mosey back to flag for a short Tabata workout of 3 exercises. Exercise 1 – lunges, Exercise 2 10 merkins then plank for the remaining time in 20 second interval and Exercise 3 LBC’s. This Tabata routine we perform 8 sets of 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds rest totaling 4 minutes for each Exercise.


We finish up with some stretching then Namerama and Numberama.

YHC took us out


YHC was glad to see Mudface at Daville who was so motivated that he is going to Q Daville next week(October 27, 2020). YHC was also happy to meet Kevin Waldron(Friend of Spike) who now has an F3 name—HOOK. YHC also summed up the merkin count of 220 (20 warm up, 120 triple check and 80 in Tabata). We performed some stretches this morning so Hook will not be as sore the next few days. Welcome HOOK and it was and honor to lead you gents this morning. I look forward to seeing you in the gloom. Have a great Week! Cheers….CB


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