Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nuthin fancy, just a beatdown.


I’m not knocking 12 count pickle-scorp-merks, or 60 minutes of frog jump Tabata basketball, but sometimes playing it right down the middle is what you need. So here’s what awaited twenty seven stone cold gloom warriors at Dogpile this sunny and 70 degree morning:

Warmarama: mosey to the near circle for welcome, disclaimer, welcome FNG Billy, then down to business: SSH x 20, helicopters x 10, Russian Soldiers x 10, cherry/collard pickers x 10, Don Quixote x 10, merkin x 10, Hello Dolly x 10, Rosalita x 10


  1. Plank Ladder: mosey to Carillon field, PAX lines up in single file plank down the field; the Six does 3 hand release merkins and IP runs to front of the line. Repeato to the end of the field, all PAX Bernie Sanders back.
  2. Two Ring Circus: mosey to far traffic circle, bear crawl around it. Mosey to near traffic circle, crab walk around it (audible called to alternating 10 lunges/ 10 crab walks), recover to front of Carillon.
  3. Fun With Coupons: Mosey to the bak of the stage, you know what time it is:
    • Coupon Elevens: 10 x coupon squat, carry coupon to the other edge of the stage, 1 x coupon WWII, etc.
    • Coupon Touch a Tree: Partner up; PAX 1 coupon curls while PAX 2 runs san coupon to touch prescribed number of trees; flapkack. Rounds of 3, 6, 9 trees. No more questions, Upchuck.
  4. Lindsay: Stow the CMUs and mosey to Death Valley for some reps and running: American Hammers x 10, run down and up, mountain climbers x 30, repeato until American Hammers x 30 and mountain climbers x 10.
  5. Step Show: mosey to the amphitheater, box jump to top.

BTTF for some stretching, numbers, names, announcements and YHC took us out.

Announcements: Shoe drive continues – bring your mens/kids footwear to Gypsy, Spit, Honeydo, or Dr. Tryhard. Breaking Bread opportunites now increased to 2 day per month – see Q sheet or Upchuck for deets. Prayers for Toto’s family as they look after his mother; prayers for EF Hutton’s dad’s swift recovery. Beer Mile for Sgt Hogan tonight 20:00 at Carillon – Faceplant, Handshake, other VMI VIPs will be in attendance.

NMMS: Strong work today, PAX! A warm welcome to Bubbles (“Hemorrhoid” is still available!) – you’ll never go back to Seal Team Inc. again.

May our practice become the path,
May the path become the way,
May the way dissolve confusion,
May confusion become wisdom.

– Gampopa, 12th century Tibetan Buddhist master


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  1. Great workout this morning Doublemint! 11s, touch a tree, 30 -10, you got this all in! It was great to see the crowd this morning and fun partnering with Toto. Also good to catch up with some F3 brothers and welcome to Bubbles! I hope to see you in the gloom again. Cheers everyone. CB

  2. Nice job Doublemint! You had a lot of rowdy PAX to lead today. Great to partner with and welcome Bubbles. Happy Birthday Shakedown!