Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



2 stud muffin look a likes showed up at Twin Team today where YHC had planned to get in a History lesson on the Beast of Twin Team but with only a PAX of 2 thought that a lesson better left for a larger class.

COP under cover a BW

DQ’s, Helicopters, Dead Man hangs, Cherry Pickers, Inverted Scorpion Kicks and regular Scorpion Kicks

Mosey to JRHS under front cover Parking Lot Crawls with a merkin at each post (7) Crab walks back with 2 LBC’s at each post

Stay under cover for for a double check X3

Partner 1 runs to the last light pole and back, partner 2 wall sits low then runs followed by donkey kicks and hello dollies

Mosey to cover by the Swamp – another double check X3

Partner 1 runs to the last light pole and back, partner 2 (can’t remember those exercises)

Mosey back under cover in front of JRHS for Peter Parker parking lot crawls with merkins increasing at each light

Mosey to the cover at the front entrance yet another Double check X3

Partner 1 runs around the flag pole area, partner 2 does wall sits then runs followed by calf raises and ball dippers



NMS: With only 2 PAX the exercises come at you quick so with YHC and Last Call both being runners there was a good bit of mosey to be had today. The other nice thing about such a small PAX is it gives you time to find out a bit more about that other person. While YHC was hoping for a bigger crowd this morning it was great to spend some time with Last Call. If you didn’t know this about Last Call one thing I learned about him this morning is he is definitely an outward focused person and askes more questions about you than he talks about himself. This is something I want to be better at and have not done a good job with yet. Thanks for hanging out with me and for being a good example of being an “other first focused person” Last Call.


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  1. First time in a while I have been called a “runner”. That one was a burner. No breaks made for a tired boy this morning. Great job today Doozy and appreciate the leadership and spending time with you this morning. Great way to start the weekend. Feel free to put those Peter Parkers back for another day well into the future.