Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We’re drinkin’ beer already?


15 formidable arrived for their weekly geriatric workout consisting of light calisthenics and memories of Esther Williams in a one-piece bathing suit. This is what transpired…more or less

COP: A Brandermill Woods-worthy warmup

Repeats: Donkey kicks, bear crawls, run out and back (backwards)

Tennis Courts: Suicides mixed with Jump squats. Second round: bear crawl, crawl bear, crab walk, polar bears

Track: Groups of 3. On one side, partner does LBC’s, on other side, partner does HR Merkins. Third partner is the push…runs half the length of the track to tag-up with partner. Finish at 200 HR Merkins total

Field: Run out and back(wards). Exercises included Mountain Climbers (100) and HR Merkins (25).

Finish with 5 minutes of Mary/Gerry

NMS: Too busy to hear the mumble chatter, but did hear one say “this does not feel like a geriatric workout”….YHC will try better next time

Saab abides (when able)


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  1. You see she was a swimmer, and an actress. Plus, according to Saab, she sold pools on the side.

  2. Many thanks to Splinter for explaining what I view as common knowledge in the geriatric community…and for posting the c. 1950s picture of Esther….which was probably considered pg-13 at the time…