Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s not over until I say it’s over.


5 Distinguished gentleman of the 0 dark hundred clan stumbled upon a vicious beast known as timberwolf. After an extra minute was given for one of the PAX (this important detail will play out later on). we were off.

COP: SSH, Jazzersise, Helicopters, dead man hang, hamstring stretches, merkins, Freddy Mercury.

The Thang: HIIT Style 4 exercises (shuffle squat, high knees, burpees, and SSH) are done back to back with 30 seconds rest between sets. First set each exercise was 60sec, next set 50, next 40, then lastly 30sec. Once the heart rate was up we moved on to a triple check; jerkins, curb triceps dips and run) Last up was a few rounds of Hundreds in the school bus parking lot. starting with 100WW2 which was then modified to 75 (PAX was threatening to throw some throat punches). Next round 50 Merkins (Q is a quick learner), 50 Carolina dry docks, 100 Alabama prom dates, last up was 20 Merkins. about halfway through some of the PAX walked off as it was 6:15. This brings up one of the great philosophical questions; is the workout over after 45 minutes? Or is the workout over at the prescribed end time? I look to the great philosophers of all time and come up with my conclusion that the workout is over when the workout is over.

COT, numberama, nameorama, thoughts prayers for Dukes in laws, and Florence’s family member all who are dealing with Covid.

Focker OUT…


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