Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Curb Appeal


10 members of the Huguenot High School JV boy’s fitness team arrived on a campus for another 5:30 am practice. 70 degree temperatures ensured that everyone would be putting forth MAXIMUM EFFORT. With each drop of sweat hitting the pavement, our popularity and social status was sure to grow.

Mosey to the lower circle for an abbreviated warm up consisting of:
Don Quixote’s
Cherry Pickers
Alabama Prom Dates
Jog back to the bottom of the hill.

Incline Curb Crawl: Pax lined up on the curb in plank position and begin working their way up hill. Man in the back breaks off and does 2 burpees, then runs to the front of the line. We stopped at a light pole and reversed down the hill. Sorry for those who got double burpee’d at the switch point!

Mount Chaplain Descent
First rep: run down the grass portions, Bernie Sanders across parking lots. At the bottom, complete 50 squats then push yourself (fast mosey?) back to the top.
Second rep: repeat with Carioca right on parking areas, 50 calf raises at the bottom.
Third rep: repeat with Carioca left on parking areas, 50 1 count lunges at the bottom.

Props to Fresh Prince for extending the bottom of the mountain all the way to the rail. Seemed to work better. DTH and Hardywood led WWII sit ups, hand release merkins and flutter kicks while the PAX made their way up the hills.

Circuit: 15 reps of Jerkins, 15 dips, tooth fairy up the staircase, then jog back around. Pax rotated between the exercises until time was called.

Lot of wide ranging mumble chatter this morning. Topics included stilettos, vegan barbeques ( aka “Woke Smoke”) and one PAX member’s early modeling career (a dream deferred??). We were educated on the birthday of the Navy and Virginia’s own Thomas Jefferson’s role. DTH has begun composing old time country tunes (I left my heart on Mount Chaplain……..) A swoled up Bone Thugs reminded Cooper who the true Alpha of the group is.

Shoe drive continues with SOJ appearing to dominate.
Beer mile at the Carillion on Saturday – seek Slack for details
Congrats to Doozy on his work related success.

YHC took us out in prayer.


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