Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pocahontas AO soft launch


The OTB AO soft launch continued this week with a break from the Pocahontas Middle School track and core conditioning using blocks with a little adventure across the street.

Today’s journey started with a 15 min prerun around the goose pond and back to the AO.
Collect the gloves and time to head out.

Left out of the parking lot onto Three Copt rd. SLight left onto the running path toward Geese landing (cutting out the section of Three Chopt that does not have a side walk). right onto the path to cut over to Thamesford Way.

Hold at the entrance of the neighborhood to explain the work out today.

PAX to run the length of Thamesford Way turning into each court along the way. Heading away from Three Chopt turning right into each court, the PAX to do 25 Merkins at the end, then continue to next court. Headed back toward Three Chopt turning right into each court the PAX is to perform 25 WW2s then continue to the beginning of the neighborhood.

Cross back over Three Chopt and run around Goose Creek pond out to John Rolfe Pkwy. Left on John Rolfe, Left on Three Chopt. Left back into AO.

NMS: The location is perfect for various running focused Bootcamps with various parks, parking lots, neighborhoods, and tracks to work in anything from a interval training to cadence work to sprints. The only stipulation of the AO is 3 miles minimum (excluding the prerun) Today we nailed down a little over 4 miles with 100 Merkins and 75 WW2s add in 1.25 miles for prerun and that equals a good way to start a Wednesday.

Keep coming up with good names to call this AO. Comanche is just one option…. So if there are better ideas, post to the AO and lets talk it over.

See you next week at Dr. Try Hard brings out his 3 miles of fun.

John (Gypsy) Boles


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