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Breaking Bread: We Need You – Now TWO Nights Per Month


We talk about being HIMs. High. Impact. Men. This message is about asking for your help to make a real-life Impact – both in time and effort – on behalf of a group of people who F3RVA has sponsored for the last 4+ years.

For those not familiar, F3RVA helps by feeding residents in the Medical Respite facility at the Southside Health Center. This is on the Q sign-up sheet as, “Breaking Bread.” 

The PAX (sometimes multiple PAX and/or with their family/kids) sign up to bring dinner to 10-15 people recovering from injuries or illnesses at the Medical Respite Clinic on Belt Blvd. This is a place for those who have no other place to recover.

Most of us will never need Medical Respite. For that matter, most of us will never have a reason to drive on Belt Blvd. Due to COVID, other groups have stopped providing meals. That is F3RVA’s reason to step-up. We are going to take TWO nights per month instead of one (fourth Saturday and fourth Sunday). That means your F3RVA brothers are asking you to step-up. Some PAX have already volunteered to take on the extra load (t-claps; you know who you are). YHC asks that you do the same. Look for the sign-up slots on the Q Sheet. Look for reminders from YHC, who thanks you in advance. And, for those of you who have a Q during the week, please make an Announcement that we need PAX to commit themselves to making an Impact. Sign up.

For those who believe that making a group dinner sounds hard, it is not. 

  1. You choose the menu. 
  2. You make dinner for 10-15 humans. 
  3. You deliver it at 5:30 p.m. (even the time is perfect for F3). Note: due to COVID, we simply deliver the food – we are not allowed inside the building to serve. 
  4. The residents will open the door to take the food.
  5. The residents will thank you profusely. 
  6. You are done. 

Boom. It’s far easier than a Spit Q, the IPC, a CSAUP, or any exercise that references murdering (or murderous) varmints. 

These people need F3RVA’s help (meaning YOUR help). As YHC has said many times, if you want to impress your M with a monologue about an F3 event, your best option is to make and deliver dinner for Breaking Bread. Tell her about that. Unlike an incessant description of the length of Twin Team hill, how to count the number of reps times steps in the Amphitheater, or anything involving a “coupon,” this activity will impress her. Involving your kids will impress her more.

Sign up on the Q sheet. Reach out to me with questions. Make an Impact.


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  1. 2 nights per month. 12 months per year. Together, F3RVA can take on 24 nights. Commit yourself, and we’ll make this happen.

    Thanks in advance.