Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

LIFO but not SOLO!


Two Old Men of the Sea posted at Batteau, one on time and YHC shortly thereafter, and here’s how it went. No Q on the sheet and no other PAX in sight, so hot potato called and off we went:

Warmarama (Goldberg): mosey to top of the stairs for SSH x 20, Arm Circles (small to big) x 10 x reverso, DQ x 10, LBCs x 20

THANG 1 (Goldberg): grab a Swirly Approved Coupon, PAX1 (timekeeper) runs to lamp post, Bernie Sanders back while PAX2 hefts the stone in prescribed manner AMRAP; flapjack.

  • Round 1 S.A.C. press
  • Round 2 S.A.C. crunch
  • Round 3 S.A.C. squat

As a PAX, Polar Bear to the end of the wooden fence.

THANG 2 (Goldberg): mosey to the playground. PAX1: 5 pullups, PAX2: 10 incline merkins; flapjack and repeato for three rounds. Potato tossed.

THANG 3 (YHC): mosey to pickleball court for Prostitute Four Corners.

  • Corner 1 run, 10 x merkins
  • Corner 2, carioca right, 20 WWIIs
  • Corner 3, Bernie Sanders, 30 squats
  • Corner 4, carioca left, 40 SSHs

THANG 4 (YHC): pivot to short hill for Jacob’s Ladder:

  • up, burpee x 1, down
  • up, burpee x 2, down, repeato for seven rounds

Note to self: short hill means shorter hill repeats (pro) but quicker return to burpees (con)

BTTF for numbers, names, Goldberg took us out.

NMMS: Both of us were glad not to have to endure a Soleau Batteau. When YHC slept through the 04:45 alarm, fartsacking was a very real possibility – made the right choice instead and got to spend some quality time with Goldberg instead of sleeping in for another hour and drag-assing into the day. Do the right thing and have a great week!!


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