Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It Smells Like Worms


Indeed, Bodo’s “smelled the worms” when 7 prime suspects partnered in the Gloom for today’s edition of The Hoedown. Temperatures were, once again, sunny and 70 at F3RVA’s darkest AO.

Short Mosey to the 3rd Church Parking Lot:

SSHs x 20
Dead Man’s Hang
Scorpion Kicks (feel the wetness)
Reverse Scorpion Kicks (feel more of the wetness)
Hillbillies x10
WWIIs x10
HRMs x10

Mosey to the corner of Lindsey and Forest for a duopoly of crawling.
Partner up in 2s and 3s.
Round 1: 3 rounds of bear crawl to the TES sign. Partner does reverse crunches.
Round 2: 3 rounds of Army crawl. Flutter kicks.

Mosey to the big tree for Touch-a-Tree.

Touch each of the 5 trees. Do 7 merkins at each in-line tree and 7 burpees at the one off-set tree. Crawl between trees. Dealer’s Choice on the type of crawl. PAX varied the type of crawl between trees. YHC did bear crawl, polar bear crawl, crab walk, and Army crawl.

Mosey to the Teacher’s Parking Lot for parking space repeats:

Round 1: 3 merkins, 3 Carolina Dry Docks, 3 SSHs.
Round 2: 5 WWIIs, 5 LBCs, 5 Hello Dollys

Mosey out of the way of the Teacher and to the Brick Wall. Start doing Chicken Peckers, then stop, then start again. YHC apologizes.

Mosey to the horseshoe for a Ring of Fire and Mary.

ROF: Dealer’s Choice; no repeats. PAX chose: Regular, diamond, Peter Parker, Hitchhiker, YHC didn’t see whatever GP did, Chuck Norris, and HRMs.

Mary: American Hammers, Rosalita’s, Box Cutters


Beer Mile to celebrate the life of Captain Shawn G. Hogan, USA Green Beret. This is now on Saturday, despite having been, according to Handshake, on a Friday for the first 7 or so years. Handshake is fine with this. Really. Bring 4 beers (if you don’t drink alcohol, bring O’Doul’s). Drink one beer. Run a quarter mile. Repeat this 4 times. Vomit OYO AYG.
Shawn Hogan was a college friend of Faceplant and Handshake and a generally super-capable and accomplished guy. He died far too young in a training accident while serving our country. Side note: Faceplant has nearly killed several PAX, including YHC, doing “The Hogan,” a ridiculous workout that Shawn apparently considered a warm-up. Come out and celebrate someone who would have been an awesome PAX member.

CSAUP October 23 weekend. Build a team. Run/bike/hike/walk/crawl to Williamsburg. Reverso. Done. The is an OYO event, so your team will plan for your team.

For the last 4+ years, F3RVA has had one charitable activity that it semi-sponsors. If you are relatively new to F3RVA, this is on the Q sheet as,”Breaking Bread.” Fourth Sunday of every month. PAX (sometimes with a friend and surely with their family/kids) sign up to bring dinner to 10-15 people recovering from injuries or illnesses at the Medical Respite on Belt Blvd. This facility helps humans who have no other place to recover.

Most of us will never need Medical Respite. For that matter, most of us do not have a reason to drive on Belt Blvd. Due to COVID, other groups have pulled out of helping provide meals. That is F3RVA’s reason to step-up going forward. We are going to take two nights per month instead of one (fourth Saturday and fourth Sunday). That means F3RVA is asking you to step-up. Some PAX have already volunteered to take on the extra load. YHC asks that you do the same. Look for the sign-up on the Q Sheet, and look for reminders from YHC, who thanks you in advance.

If group dinner sounds hard, it is not. You make dinner for 10-15 humans. You deliver it. They thank you profusely. You are done. Boom. It’s far easier than a Spit Q, the IPC, a CSAUP, or any exercise that references executions or varmints. And, these people need your help. Also, if you want to impress your M with a monologue about an F3 event, do this one. Unlike an incessant description of the length of Twin Team hill, the number of steps in the Amphitheater, or anything involving a “coupon,” this activity will actually impress her. And, kids dig a dad who helps people.


Hitchhiker – these are hillbillies.
The guy at 1:35 with the pocket protector is my favorite.

This is Jin Suk Lim. Not the same guy as the one I know, but still a Suk.


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  1. Nice one Upchuck! You can throw together a good Q on the fly. I stand behind my worm smell observation. Glad I could provide your theme for the day.

  2. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    The parking spaces was a great way to keep revisiting shoulders and abs for a good workout.

    Thank you!