Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thinking of our friend


Nine posted for Saturday’s GridIron with YHC as a substitute Q. More on this later. Warmup in the parking lot with 25 x SSHs, 20 x IWs, 15 x DQs, 15 x Russian Soldiers, 10 x Suzanne Sommers (one side), 2 x Superman (oldie – while singing the GAH theme song), 10 x Suzanne Sommers (other side), 30 x Arm Circles (little, forward), and 30 x Arm Circles (little, reverse).

Mosey down the hill adjacent to the parking lot. Line up and get seated with heels facing uphill. Complete 10 WWII Sit Ups. Crab Walk a couple of steps uphill, feet first, on Attila’s mark, halt, and complete another Sit Up set. Repeato, all the way up the hill to the sidewalk. Probably 12 or so sets total.

Short mosey to the renovated playground. Break into groups of three and find a swing on the swingset. One guy completes 10 Jerkins while the other two complete three squats, holding the last squat. One round has every guy complete one set of Jerkins. Three rounds.

Circle up for 10 Minutes of LBCs. Complete about 30 Little Baby Crunches (in cadence, two count) and rest for the remainder of the minute. Repeat 10 times.

Shift position to the nearby picnic area. With different groups of three guys each, one guy completes eight Abyss Merkins on the picnic tables while the other guys complete three Burpees and hold in Al Gore. One round has ever guy complete the Merkins. Three rounds, too.

Return to the hill, line up at the top, and begin to jog down the hill and backpedal back up the hill. Continue this for about 4 minutes.

Circle up in the parking lot. Complete Carolina Dry Dock Ring of Fire with each guy finishing eight reps. Brief knee, then another round. Three rounds total. Flip over for a few minutes of stretching. COT and Attila took us out.

We missed our brother Johnsonville on Saturday morning. He’d signed up to Q on Saturday, but I found out Friday night that he had an mountain biking accident on Friday. Thankfully Jville is now at home and recovering.


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