Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Nipple (a/k/a “Those Got Hard Fast”)


Seven SOJ hard chargers decided to kick Friday morning’s ass, and here’s how it went:

Warmarama: mosey to JRHS utility field for SSHs x 15, Helicopters x 10, DQs x 10, Freddy Mercuries x 20, merkins x 10. Mumblechatter was strong,


  • COP1 – Crazy 8s: mosey to JRHS parking lot. Bear crawl 7 spaces + 1 burpee; repeato with 6 spaces + 2 burpees, etc. This sucked.
  • COP2 – Triple Nickel (OC heard “Nipple” and flashed back to the bar scene with Arnold in Total Recall): mosey to the base of Twin Team for hill repeats with sets of prescribed exercises at the top and bottom:
    • Round 1: crunchy frogs x5, x5
    • Round 2: crab cakes x5, x5
    • Round 3: no cheat merkins (hand release + shoulder taps) x5, x5. This sucked worse. Big time.

BTTF: numbers, names, YHC took us out.

Announcements: Shoe drive – bring those mens’ and kids’ shoes to DTH, Honeydo, Gypsy or Spit! T-Shirts are in — YHC will have the box at Dogpile on 10/10.

NMMS: Way to work this morning and push each other. As I lumbered up and down the Twin Team Hill, over and over and over, I felt gratitude for many things: (1) for the fellowship and support of the PAX to help me push through the challenges of the workout and the challenges of life, (2) for OC’s ever evolving F3 handle, (3) for DTH’s dapper new haircut [Don Draper alert: he’s trying to steal your look!], (4) for Cooper not getting flattened by traffic, and especially (5) for the Tarrington Militia rucking without reflective gear along Robious at 06:00 … you want our cul-de-sacs? Molon labe!


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  1. OUCH! Is all I have to say. Two killer evolutions of pain with Crazy 8s and the Triple Nip. Way to bring it Doublemint

  2. Well done Dmint! I wanted some miles this morning, but didn’t really want them on Twin Team. Yikes…3 times up that hill really hurt!