Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

5 for 5


Five runners came out to Currahee to see what route YHC had in store. All opted for 5 with minor variations:

Left on Pump, Left on Falconbridge and stay on all the way until Ridgefield then over to Deep Run park. Choose your own distance when to turnaround in the park. Head back same route.

Announcements: Several pairs of shoes collected this week in West end. Nice work, keep those shoes coming! Prayers for Upchuck family especially his M and MIL.

NMS: Beautiful morning for a run. Falconbridge has no traffic and wide roads so YHC wanted to spend some feature that route. Only drawback is that entire section and then Deep Run are completely dark. Handshake was stuck running with YHC since his light was out of battery. Upchuck and Gomer pulled ahead and almost reeled in Handshake, Greenbow, and YHC upon the return in to GHS. YHC offers up this route name of: Falcon Smash.


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