Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Go to your corner!! #SupportTheBlue


3rd F (Faith)

  • TAP to PAX brother HighTower and his family.. HighTower was shot and killed while on duty this week. #SupportTheBlue
  • BoBerry on Q for the RVA bible study on 10/13 at 8 PM.. See Slack 3rd F chan for meeting location
  • Thank you Attila for taking us out this morning

2nd F (Fellowship)

  • There is a 100 mile relay race coming up on the weekend of the 24th. See Slack 1st F chan for more details.
  • Shoe drive still moving forward. SOJ crew has made it a personal mission to collect more than all other locations combined
    • HoneyDo is collecting for WestSide
    • DTH is collecting in SOJ
    • Spit has the Da-Ville PAX

1st F (Fitness)
Disclaimer given stealing the words of Attila .. Check yourself before you wreck yourself and you cant sue any of us if you do wreck yourself.

Quick warm up with Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks), Low slow Squats in Cadence, and Michael Phillips OYO

The Thag: Four Corners

Each round consists of 10 reps of each exercise and two rounds full rounds
Round one: Legs
Goblet squats: hold Kettlebell (KB) as if drinking from a Goblet and do full Squat
Calf raise: hold KB in both hands down in front and do standard calf raises
Romanian Leg lifts: KB in one hand leaning forward at the hip as your opposite leg kicks up straight behind you. (10 each side)
Lunges: Holding KB at the chest perform standard front lunges

Round 2: core
American hammer: sitting down on the ground feet off the ground. Move the weight back and forth in from of you from one hip to the other to complete 1 rep
Flutter press: laying flat on the ground perform standard flutter but do a chest press with your KB as the counter.
Good morning: Feet shoulder width apart. KBin both hands hanging directly in front of you. Bend over at the hips until KB touches the ground then stand straight back up.
Tea pots: Hold KB in one hand to your side. Other hand on your head. Bend over sideways at the hip driving your elbow for the side touching your head to point toward the ground. then return to standing position. (10 each side)

Round 3: Upper body
Overhead press: KB in both hands and push straight above your head until arms are fully extended above you. then return to KB in front of your face.
Front raise: Using light KB or block holding weight in both hands straight arms lift. From waist level keeping arms straight raise up to shoulder level and return to waist
Tricep extension: KB over head at full arm extension. Bind at the elbows and take KB back behind your head then return to straight up.
Merkin: just a plain ole’ Pushup

Round 4: Back and biceps
Lawn mower: Left leg out in front bent at the knee 90* KB beside left foot. one hand pull the KB up toward body keeping your arm tight against your body. Return KB to the ground. (10 each side)
Up tight row: feet shoulder width apart. holding KB with two hands hanging directly in front of you. Left KB up to chin level raising elbows to shoulder level at same time. return to neutral position.
Bent over rows: Bent over at the hips. Back flat. Holding KB in two hands lift KB off the ground to chest and return to neutral.
Curls: Two handed standard bicep curls

Round 5: Mix
Goblet Squats
Flutter Press
Upright row

Burn out time:
7 Upright rows, 7 deep squats
6 Upright rows, 6 deep squats
5 Upright rows, 5 deep squats
4 Upright rows, 4 deep squats
3 Upright rows, 3 deep squats
2 Upright rows, 2 deep squats
1 Upright rows, 1 deep squats

Swings: 1 min of swings 30 secs of rest. (3 times)

4 mins of stretching

And DONE!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning. I always enjoying getting a good 0.0 KB workout in during a heavy run week.

NMS: If you have read this far then take the next 30 secs to reach out with a text to a pax member you have not seen in a while. I hear rumors of guys that have not posted in a while.. send them a message and tell them you are thinking of them this morning.
Remember why you started in F3.. and also remember what the mission is.. try not to hide behind the way things have always been just because someone said so. This a men’s fellowship organization that helps promote leadership. So WE should challenge all men of F3 every day in everything they do, to lead and not just blindly follow because someone said so or “because we have always done it this way”.
Guess what.. Change happens and its not always a bad thing. Those that try to prevent change are not leading.. they are placing a cap on the growth of men that may want to step and learn how to lead in a safe Fellowship environment. Allowing the pax to be mentored along the way by those that have come before them from that mythical place called “Always” that is referred to in the “because we have Always done it this way”
#FreeToLead #BeADisrupter


John (Gypsy) Boles


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