Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A potato not shared


A lucky 13 came out to see who HP was on the Q sheet. Handshake took us off to start as we did:

COP: Don Qs, Dead man hangs, Helicopters, HRMs, incorrectly done Scorpion Kicks. Over to straight-away on side of school: 10 sets of sprints length of the lot. Up to the PES lot for a Triple check of: WWIIS, Donkey Kicks, run the side lot. Q was finally passed at 5:57 to YHC.

Down to back of QMS for 3 sets of 20 PLTs, then down to the Jerkin Gym for 4 sets of 8 Jerkins. Last second pass to Greenbow who took us to Heartbreak hill for a few rounds up: Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, then Bunny hop up. Back to flag. Atilla took us out.

Annoucements: PAX is doing well collecting shoes for this October shoe-drive challenge. After this morning likely over 15 pairs or more. See Slack for more details. Tomorrow is soft launch of running focused boot camp at Pocahontas MS. 3+ miles and boot camp in 45 minutes. Also see Malpractice’s post on Slack about Crossover Ministry.

NMS: Handshake had requested a Hot Potato Q last night with the Q sheet open. Having called for it he took us from the COP on until almost 6:00. The series of 10 sprints at the start were awful. He then called up a Triple check which ate up more time. Finally the Q was passed and YHC wanted to get some Jerkin Gym time in. Apparently Handshake is generous with his bourbon but not a Q.

Greenbow stepped up by taking us straight to the hill and making sure our gloves & hands were properly soaked before the COT. Great to have 13 out this morning as HBR continues to grow. Will the Coupons from the IPC sit dormant for the rest of October? Will a Q break those out again soon?


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  1. Good mixup gentlemen. Still waiting for that elusive potato sharing to get tossed to Splinter. Good news is I planned a whole new workout while waiting for it to get passed.

    Glad that the Antares rocket launch conversation that started during PLTs didn’t result in the misfiring of a solid rocket booster while later crab-walking uphill. Those that were near Atilla can attest.

  2. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    I was glad to bring something I haven’t seen at Heartbreak during my tenure.

    Splinter looked at me like I kicked his dog. Greenbow said he enjoyed the extra running. Ironic.

  3. Sprinting does suck, unless on a major road then it is fun.

    One day you’ll get that Q passed to you Splinter…