Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old School Batteau


Two grizzled vets posted to Batteau to start the week right. Here’s how it went:

Warmarama: mosey to the top of the stairs behind the tennis courts for SSHs x 20, IWs x 10, DQs x 10, Freddy Mercuries x 20, Lunge/Elbow/Twists x 10 (YHC saw George Kittle doing these to warm up before the Philly game. After trying them, YHC realized he is not George Kittle).

The Thang:

COP1 – Bertha (Dora’s big-boned cousin): Pax1 Bernie Sanders to the first lamp post, runs back while Pax2 completes following exercises, flapjack and repeato:

  • 100 x coupon WWIIs
  • 200 x curls (Corned Beef approved)
  • 300 x goblet squats

Mosey down the steps, around the bottom of the lake, and up the hill to Forest Hill Ave for

COP2 – Jacob’s Ladder: Hill repeats x 7 with ascending burpee count at the top (Round 1 = 1 burpee …. Round 7 = 7 burpees).

Mosey to 41st Street for AYG sprint BTTF and 5 Minutes of Mary: Hello Dollies x 20, Rosalitas x 20, American Hammers x 20, Alabama Prom Dates x 10, and some Old Man Stretching: Dead Man Hangs, Cherry/Collard Picker Hangs, Wilson’s Wife, Fuddski, Childs Pose, Supine Knees to Chest.

Numbers, names and YHC took us out.

NMMS: Enjoyed the time with Spit. Did not enjoy coupon WWIIs in the gravel. Make it a great one!


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