Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Second Annual-First Inaugural Retreat


And still the champions – Gumbo & Vinny (‘Stache Bros)!

30-40 meats posted at the butchery for our second iteration of the Retreat. Many thanks to each of you for making it what it is, an ode to, and showcase of the ‘Stache Bros.

As usual, the main event, the annual Gumbo & Vinny win, Cornhole Tournament was a blast. There were good outfits (mine), bad outfits (TYAs), and things worn that should never, ever be considered again (DTH / Hardywood).

The food was excellent, and the brotherhood was even better. This is a gathering I very much look forward to each year. It was great seeing my brothers, old and new.

Mark your calendars now for the 3rd Annual-First Inaugural Retreat: 10/2/2021.

And still the champions – Gumbo & Vinny (‘Stache Bros)!

Anonymous quotes from our gathering:

“Sure, but I haven’t shotgunned a beer in 35 years.”

“I’d pay $30 for a Gatorade, right now.”

“Cornhole meant something different when I was a kid.”

“Gumbo & Vinny are unstoppable.” – All of you said this at some point.


“Are we at a Megadeth concert”?

“Pretend like they are North Koreans.”

“Who brought the school desk?”

(Feel free to add any additional, and very much unattributed quotes from the day).

Love you clowns.


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  1. Another awesome Retreat brothers. Man, I’m blessed to be a part of such a fine group of men.

  2. Fantastic time. Thanks to vinny for pulling it together, EF Hutton for clipboarding the Corn Hole tourney, and Gomer for securing the location again. Great time gents.

    Until next time, practice your bag tosses gents or else the Stache Bros will reign forever.