Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“Yo. Were You Serious, or Just Picking on Me?”


20 riders and runners spun their way up-and-back on Grove for the First Annual, First Inaugural, First Ever, un-proctored, not-yet-certified, wind-assisted (so unofficial) Yo-Yo Run. Weather was sunny and 70. The clock struck 05:30 and the PAX were on their way.


From MM, run west on Grove to Lexington-Albemarle. Take a left (toward Cary) and run the loop around Lexington-Albemarle, returning to Grove.

Right onto Grove and return to Mary Munford.

Right onto Westmoreland (at the traffic light).

Left onto the gravel trail at Mary Munford, except for anyone who has been told to avoid trail runs. PAX ran one full loop on the track, then returned to Westmoreland and ran back to Grove.

That’s 1 loop.


The Loop was just under 2 miles. Runners repeated The Loop according to each PAX’s desired distance:

4s ran 2x.

6s ran 3x.

5s ran 2x, then on 3rd loop, ran to Lexington, stopped and turned around at Lexington without running the Lex-Albe loop. PAX then re-traced the route to MM, and ran the full school track on the 3rd lap, then returned to MM parking lot.

Early Risers wove themselves into the route along the way.


Lots of “Yo!” as the PAX went back-and-forth on Grove. Thanks for indulging YHC. Good chatter among the PAX, and YHC enjoyed catching up with Handshake, Saab, TYA, Bone Thugs, Swirly, and others along the way. Thanks to Handshake for pulling YHC along.

For those who missed the Pre-Blast, The Loop appeared, to YHC, like we were yo-yo-ing (spinning back-and-forth along a string).


2nd Annual, First Inaugural tomorrow in Amelia. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP UNTIL 2:00 p.m. There will not be a pre-event work party. Please do not arrive early.

October 23-25, back and forth to Williamsburg Weekend. Specifics posted elsewhere. Form your teams.

Day after Thanksgiving, the 3rd Annual Loop-til-You-Drop-or-Don’t-Care-Anymore at Forest Hill Park. 4 mile loops. Start a new loop every hour on the hour. AMRAP. Grab your big boy pants and your mental fortitude. Finish what you start. Last man standing. BYO supplies and family members.

Prayer requests for YHC’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law and her family. RIP Bill Davis.

Let’s keep in mind the several PAX members who are going through family loss or illness these days. Best to Phonix & Family.


Each generation of Americans has its defining events. For my father, it was where he was when he learned that Pearl Harbor was attacked. For my mother, it was her location when she learned that Kennedy was assassinated. For YHC, it was the Challenger disaster, and then later, where YHC was when he learned about the attacks on 9-11.

For TYA, well, there are some things that he can’t un-see or un-smell, and that happened 4 years ago. Glad to see Saab is back to normal.


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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Thanks for taking to time to make up so complicated Route. Even better to have you directing me.

  2. Great YOYO route especially saying ‘Yo!’ to the F3 brothers passing by, this was fun as you were able to run different directions and catch most everyone in the gloom. Great catching up with Wedding Singer and picking up some stragglers or catching up with the faster 5 mile runners for the last Mile (ran 5 today). It was nice to catch up with Shiplap and Handshake after the run. SAAB and TYA October 2 will never be the same!!! Cheers….CB