Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast: RAMM Route


Come one, come all to RAMM tomorrow.

If you have a yo-yo holster, bring it. Much yo-yo-ing shall be done.


From MM, run west on Grove to Lexington-Albemarle. Take a left (toward Cary) and run the loop around Lexington-Albemarle, returning to Grove.

Right onto Grove and return to Mary Munford.

Right onto Westmoreland (at the traffic light).

Left onto the gravel trail at Mary Munford, except for anyone who has been told to avoid trail runs. Saab can run on the grass. Run one full loop on the track. Return to Westmoreland and run back to Grove. That’s 1 loop.


The Loop is just under 2 miles. Repeat The Loop according to your desired distance:

4s run 2x.

6s run 3x.

5s run 2x, then on 3rd loop, run to Lexington. Stop and turn around at Lexington without running the Lex-Albe loop. Return to MM, and run the full school track on the 3rd lap, return to MM parking lot.

Early Risers join at any point/time. Late Arrivers join at any point/time.


When you see a PAX tomorrow running the opposite direction say “Yo!” They will respond in kind. Nice community building step.

And, on a map, The Loop looks, to YHC, like we are yo-yo-ing (spinning thing on a string up-and-back).


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