Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blue Moon Falling


10 buff beauties arose from a warm slumber to converge on Huguenot High School in anticipation for a beat down for the ages. After recovering from the pain of IPC over the past month, YHC provided what would be a glorious routine. Here is what went down as told by the 40’s styles scooter (without a muffler) that cruised around the AO at a blazing 5 mph.

COP 1: Mosey to the bus loop for warmorama that included SSH’s, DQ’s, Helicopters, Freddie Mecuries

COP 2: Mosey to the soccer field for a bit of 4 corners, lady of the night style: 10 WWII’s, 20 Heels to Heaven, 30 Dancing Bears (2 count), 40 Bone Rubs. Front Runners circled back to the 6.

COP 3: Mosey to the amphitheater for Elevens alternating Elevated Merkins at the top and Dips at the bottom.

COP 4: Catch Me if you Can: Partner up. Partner 1 performs 1 burpee than sprints to catch Partner 2 who Bernie Sanders. Once caught, switch and continue up to Forest Hill.

COP 5: Light Pole Run BTTF – Mosey BTTF stopping at every light pole alternating between 2 Lt. Dans and 2 burpees.

Still time on the clock, quick Bernie Sanders up the hill with 2 Bone Rubs at the top. Slow mosey back down.

Numbers, Names, Announcements (Below). YHC took us out

NMM: Retreat is this weekend. Some confusion on the arrival time. Monitor Slack to get final details. Cornhole Tourney commences at 14.30 Saturday. Paint ball Duels are rumored to be present.

YHC arrived this morning not really sure of the routine. Appreciate the PAX offering some ideas on the 4 corners but 40 Bone Rubs after 30 2 count Dancing Bears were brutal and not recommended for future. Core is burning in a good way. DTH noted the moon that rested over the school, which was really cool. Great partnering up with Chaplin on the CMIYC.


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  1. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to lead and bring up the 6 at the same time. Always an honor working with you guys.