Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

45 Minutes of Gerry


A Lucky 13 descended upon Mary for an eventual tour of her peripherals led by a clueless elderly gent. This is what transpired…more or less.

Warmup: Helicopters, Scorpion Kicks, Ball Lickers, (No DQ’s sadly)

  • Curbcrawls (polar bear style)
  • Run to neighborhood. At each street a different exercise (m-climbers, Flutter kicks, LBCs, etc.
  • Hit nearby church for Lindsays (A-Hammers and Box cutters), suicides, bear crawls, polar bears, and other nonsense….
  • Partner up: 150 HR-Merkins while partner runs out and back, WWII’s.
  • Return back through neighborhood. Stopping occasionally for a few minutes of Mary (i.e. Abs)


  • 2nd annual-inaugural retreat is still on for this Saturday with a 2:00pm start…no sooner
  • CSAUP on the weekend of 23rd/24th. Out and back on the Capital Trail. Form your own team. See TYA for details.

Saab abides – when able.


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