Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What is missing: AO Pre-Blast


Go into the national map for AOs. (https://f3nation.com/workouts/) Click on Wednesdays and you will see a glaring blank spot right there in front of you for the RVA region.

There is not anything remotely close to the Short Pump area on Wednesdays. But the PAX of the West End have a remedy for that.

Starting October 7th we will begin a dry run for the newest AO in RVA. The naming is still out there to be identified by the RVA PAX. But the format will lend itself to only the brave and fearless that are looking to accelerate themselves in the gloom.

Pocahontas Middle School, 12000 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond, VA 23233
5:15 there will be a Pre-Run.
5:30 the main event.

This AO will be a RUN focused AO, but not a Run only.
Hands will hit the ground.
There will be no man left behind

However, the Q is charged with ensuring that the Wienke is set for a 3 mile MINIMUM (excluding pre-run). That is the only requirement of this AO. Everything else is dealers choice.
Gear is allowed, Ruck sacks, Yoga mats, you name it.. so long as we hit that 3 mile min during the 45 mins, the rest is up to you.

This AO launch site (anything with in 1.5 miles of launch point is part of the AO) has 4 shopping center parking lots for 11’s, Giant 4 corners, 1/4 mile long DORA’s, etc.. There is a track for track ladders with Merkins at the turns, Catch me if you can on a 1/4 mile loop, or flat out speed training.. There are quiet neighborhood roads for hill intervals with pain stations at the top before recovers back down.. endless opportunity.

Basically, this AO was set up for this kind of work out.

So if you are bat flipping your current Bootcamps and just going through the motions versus accelerating. Come out to this AO beginning 10/7 to help set the ground work and cadence for a midweek beat down that will have you knowing you put in a little extra effort!!



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