Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Punisher 5 to 10


YHC had a Tabata workout planned, 10 sets, with 5 at the workout and a F3 deck here is what shook out!


We quickly performed 10 SSH, 10DQ and YHC broke out the Deck of Cards as we needed 41 minutes and 45 seconds to do this workout and we needed to draw two cards each (for a total of 10 exercises) and below is the work out.


So with 5 at this workout we each drew 2 cards and formed a circle with the 2 cards in front of each man. Each card was an exercise that we performed for 8 – 30 second sets and each set was 20 Seconds workout with 10 seconds rest rinse and repeat for a total of 8 reps or a total of 4 minutes, then we would Recover for 10 seconds. The next Pax member would shout out one of his cards during the 10 second recovery and we would perform this exercise for 4 minutes in the same fashion. Below is the list from the deck:

Exercise 1 (E1) – Bear crawl E2 – Lunge

E3 – Wide Arm Merkin (we performed 10 reps each set then planked for the remaining time)

E4 – Mountain Climbers E5 – Monkey Humpers

E6 – LBC’s E7 – Diamond Merkins (we performed 6-10 reps each set and planked for remaining time.)

E8 – Oblique Crunches (AKA Freddie Mercuries)

E9 – Hand Release Merkins ( we performed 10 reps each set then planked for the remaining time.) The last 3 sets were real hard.

E10 – WOJO squats

YHC called time at the completion of E10 and the PAX was exhausted. What a workout and all pushed hard especially during the las 3 sets where the serious burn was happening.

COT – We discussed our F3 names as YHC just met Tricycle and Animal. YHC took us out. It was an honor to lead and I will see you in the gloom.



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