Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Take that hill! Hill 341′


13 warriors braved the last humid day of 2020 to take a little jaunt to the published top of Henrico Shire according to:

4 milers: around baseball field, College, Lakewood, Wood, Baldwin, Rock Creek, Forest, University, Sawmill, Coleridge, Ridge, Sunset, Westham, Glen, Keller – or just go do what you want.

5 milers: 4 mile route but stay on University to Henrico (not Glendale), Ridge, Lakewood, Westham, Glen, Keller

6 milers: 5 mile route with no charge extras: add Arlington off University, add Glendale + Julian (instead of Henrico). add Lindsey off Ridge (instead of Lakewood), then Crenshaw + UR Drive (instead of Keller)


Prayers for healing and recovery today.

Good to be back at Spider Run after a IPC sabbatical – YHC realized its been quite some time. Swipers beard is so full, we had to do a double take – its like a mine is missing its forty niner. TYA then rolled up saving the planet with his pedal powered conveyance, Saab, BT and Swiper ran in – Gents the Lorax thanks you. We would love to see the extra credit route that Singer and Shakedown took – is ten minutes the extra credit record?

YHC was curious if Mount Henrico really was – top researchers confirm that the highest point in Henrico is 340′ in a few places around the county, with hill 341 shown on ridge in the pic above. There is something about the little slog up Henrico Ave that takes it out of you on a humid day, then you turn left on Ridge and there is just a little more. We came, we saw, we conquered.

Gitty up!


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  1. We didn’t do what we liked so much as made a bad turn or five in the dark while discussing the best ways to not pay federal taxes 😜. I think Labrat still holds the record for when he got lost at River Run.

    Great seeing everyone. Great running with Singer.

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