Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Jets su&k, flickering light and other random thoughts


13 capable cadets came out on another morning of the darkest AO in Richmond. There was hope that the COP would have an early boost of light at 5:31 but after coming on it for a minute and then came back on for a minute and so on. Anyway, the routine went like this:

COP: Mosey to front of school led by two handsome bald lads, 20 SSHs, 10 DQs, 25 FMs, and 15 ACs each way.

Exercise 1: Curb crawl with merkins near bus loop. I did not realize that the curb was a few feet from traffic which was more than expected for 5:30. That scared a couple of pax. Mosey to one of Bodos’ many parking lots.

Exercise 2: There were 8 parking spot lines. Do 2 burpees per line. Rest then do 3 burpees for the same 8 lines. Total equals 40 burpees. Not too shabby. Mosey to front of school.

Exercise 3: 3 sets of 9 bike rack merkins with 3 sets of 28 box jumps. Today is 9/28. I am so witty. Mosey to wall near horseshoe.

Exercise 4: 3 sets of 9 and 28 again with donkey kicks and WWIIs, chicken peckers – 2 count and 2 count flutters and donkey kicks and heels to heaven. Mosey to wall near field.

Exercise 5: Triple check with balls to the wall, crabcakes and 9 pullups. Mosey around blacktop twice to cool down with 28 2 count American hammers, DQs and cherry pickers (for very low cherries).

Closed in prayer.

Announcements: Retreat on 10/3 in Amelia, Study of Job Tuesday at 8 p.m. – virtual – invite on Slack and collecting shoes for Homeward organization. See Honeydo if you are in the West End and have gently used shoes to donate.

Jets are not good this year. When the Colts score more points with their defense than your offense, you just entered the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

Let’s do great things this week for the one who makes all this possible.


Fireman Ed


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  1. I thought you were going to say something about the flickering light in your NMS.

    Nice Q fireman Ed. 40 burpees.

    Gitty up.

  2. Nice Q, FEd. Being inverted that long makes for a good morning.

    Prayers for the PAX. A sprinkle of mental and physical healing is in order.

    Ts & Ps for Trevor, too. First COVID and now maybe working for the Jets?

  3. Hoedown numbers continue to be strong since labor day. We need Offshore to run the numbers on why F3RVAs darkest AO is so popular again.

  4. Thanks all. In terms of the Pats, I finally have Brady on my FFL roster (no way I draft Pats players) and he did well yesterday so there is that. Hoedown although small and dark is a good AO.