Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wokeberry and the Goat


19 warriors of the pre-dawn gloom arose ready to attack the day. Apparently it was a day of celebration. Given the title of this backblast they may have been trying to watch a lesser known 80s sitcom. According to the overly friendly runners in the area, this is how it went down.

5:30 hit, everyone grabbed a block or two and then mosey to the corellian, circle up for:

COP #1

Nancy Kerrigan’s, Michael Phelps, Jazzercise, Hairy Rockettes, Collard Pickers, Pretzel Twists, Hello Dolly, Rosalita, Nolan Ryans, Hand Release Merkins. Pick the block back up, Mosey to the Ha’ Penny stage for:

THE THANG #1 (Club Boberry)

Hit the lights and que the music, its Tabata time! 1 min on, 15 seconds off, Cusack Squats, WW2s with the coupon, Chest Press, Lion King, Man maker merkins, American Swingers (x2)

THE THANG #2 (The Wilt Chamberlain)

Put away the blocks, keep the music going, run to fence and back, 100 LBC, run to fence and back, 100 Squats, run to fence and back, 100 Flutter Kicks, run to fence and back, 100 Lunges.

THE THANG #3 (Welcome to Biscuitville)

Mosey to long field for a 2 pack of Boberry Biscuits, mosey on short sides, run on long sides. 10 burpees. (x2).

THE THANG #4 (The Doozy Special)

Mosey to the amphitheater for the aptly named Mankillers. Then did incline merkins, start with 2 at first step, add 2 each step going up until time was called and we went BTTF!

Numbers, Names, Announcements (see below), YHC took us out.


Mumble chatter was very strong today! “all kidding aside, go f yourself”, “this is the least straight thing we’ve done”, “we can’t call it that, it has to be gender neutral” were some highlights….

It was an honor to lead today on YHC’s 1 yr F3versary. F3 has had been a life saving force in YHC’s life. One can only hope that this positivity can be continued to spread to others through friendship, shit talking, and being there for our brothers. YHC is blessed to be a member of this fine group!

Also don’t understand why everyone was going nuts over the baby goat. Maybe that’s because YHC hasn’t hit the silent decade yet.


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F3RVA member since 9/26/19. Came to fIrst beatdown OYO, Q'd by Marmaduke. Welcomed by Hermes, Rosie, Honeymoon, Cerrano, Bullseye, Nancy Lopez, Lugnut, Punxsutawney. Proud to be part of the fine group of men that is F3RVA. Husband, Father, member of the community.


  1. Announcements:
    -2nd F convergence, next weekend: https://f3rva.org/2020/08/11/preblast-2nd-annual-first-inaugural-f3rva-retreat-10-3-2020/
    -Capital Trail run on October 23rd, see TYA for details
    -Deuce is getting small group together for clay pigeon shooting, see him for details
    -Prayers for Gomer Pyle’s coworker, and several parents and parents in law
    -3rd F on Zoom on Tuesday, Gypsy with the Q:https://f3rva.org/2020/05/19/f3rva-3rd-f-ao/
    SYITG gentlemen, its been an awesome year!

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