Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Q is always right.


6 of RVA’s finest posted at Currahee on a beautiful Friday morning for a brisk jog (pronounced “yogg”)

4/5 miles, bro-code style. Up Pump Road from the school, left as Pump Road changes and continue to Broad Street, hang a right and over to John Rolfe and another right and back to Pump and down to Godwin. Honeydo and Greenbow took a shortcut through Short Pump Park. 4.5 and 5.3 miles respectively for the group.

Announcements: F3 Offsite Convergence (not “retreat” according to Gomer Pyle” Gypsy has the 3rd F Q this week.

NMS: It was a nice morning with the crew. We talked about Gypsy being a lightweight and loving White Claws. Gomer commented about us running too slow. Spit was the Visitor of the Week and told us about the Daville Relay (congrats to that crew). Backblast title comes from a comment from Gomer Pyle about YHC and others parking in the “wrong spot” of the newly re-located meetup location at the Godwin parking lot. YHC parked where he saw other cars. It worked out too, Greenbow and Honeydo chatted with the other guys we saw in the parking lot on the run back, apparently they meet on Fridays to run. Hopefully Greenbow and Honeydo will be able will be able to EH the rando’s.

YHC is really enjoying the mix of larger “more established” AO’s as well as the smaller tighter-knit AO’s. This has been a really good 6 months for YHC. It took a long time for YHC to fully meld into this crew, and YHC enjoys random texts and shit talking in group messages. Thank you all for the opportunity to lead.


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  1. Dude.. I swear you spiked my Bourbon.
    Wait.. can you spike the drink that’s used to spike other drinks? or is that just called a double shot?

  2. Great run guys.

    The Q is always right, especially leading to more wildlife sightings then we have had for a while.

    See you all out there.

    Gitty up!