Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Serpentine Returns


17ish PAX departed from Mary for their various sets of exercise.

YHC offered up a Lab Rat special – Serpentine. Everyone start east on Grove, north on Hamilton, east on Hanover until it dead ends, right to Stuart, take Stuart all the way back to Hamilton. Left on Hamilton and left on Kensington.

4s – turn left up Bunting and left on Grove home.

5s – Take Kensington until it dead ends. turn right and head back east on the gravel road until you hop onto Leonard. Right on Commonwealth home.

6s – Take Kensington all the way back to Hamilton, right on Hamilton, right on Grove home.

The cyclists cycled, the long runners ran perhaps with Bone Thugs, perhaps not.

Thankfully Marv knew it and took the lead with the 6s. Bodos was the sole 5 and with a quick tutorial out of the gate by YHC, he was off. Nice flat run with little to no traffic on the roads.

Good luck to those running the Monument 10K this weekend, which is taking place at several different courses or OYO Friday through Sunday.

Marv took us out.



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