Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaVille Returns


Our brothers from Daville had so much fun 2 weeks ago, they reappeared for more laughs and KBs at Circus Maximus.  Even with some regulars MIA, a solid PAX of 6 assembled in the gloom to tackle the morning.  Here is how it went down:

  • COP
    • 25 SSH
    • 10 DQ
    • 15 IW
    • 15 arm circles, forward and backward, 10 small/5 big
    • 15 helicopters
    • 20 merkins
    • 80 LBC
    • 20 APD
  • Lucky bus loop – farmers carry to the four quadrants of the bus loop, perform 15 reps of a certain exercise, adding a new exercise for each quadrant, with a total of 8 at the end
    • Lawnmower pulls – each arm (8x)
    • Curls (7x)
    • Sit ‘n presses (6x)
    • KB swings (5x)
    • Squats (4x)
    • High pulls (3x)
    • Halos (2x)
    • American hammers (1x)
  • Finish with 15 overhead pulls
  • COT with YHC taking us

Great work by the PAX this morning.  The workout is deceptively difficult as the reps build.  Much of the mumble chatter between White Deer and Mudface cannot be printed for a larger audience, but needless to say it kept us laughing.  Great to have the Daville representation this morning.  YHC modified and removed the running portion of the Q when he saw what he was dealing with. 

God is good all of the time!



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