Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural Daville 35


12 Davillians (11 + 1 honorary member) verged on the grounds of the Rutland clubhouse parking lot for a great alternative to the Colonial 70.

This how it when down

Setup: 4 teams arrived at the parking lot at 4:30am, setup camp, warmed up, and got instructions from YHC on the 35 mile race.


There were 4 teams of 3 runners. Each runner would completed two loops (6.2 miles & 5.5 miles) in a relay style race.


Loop #1 – 6.2 miles (10K) took the runners over the fly over to service road around and behind Atlee HS. Then into Honey Meadows and around the trail. Finally back the same way then around the Bojangles loop

Loop #2 – 5.5 miles took the runners around the Rutland Neighborhood into Knollwood for a loop and a hill. Out of Knollwood into Cool Spring West for a loop around that trail. Out and back to Rutland passing the parking lot to the Bojangles loop


What a great CSAUP!! The PAX crushed their projected times with every team finishing in less than 5 hours. Team Trailblazers lead the way after time penalty was add to another team (more that later). Here were the results

  • Team Trailblazers (Marco Polo, Pavarotti, Helix) – 4:45:10
  • Team The Rat Pack (Faceplant, Corned Beef, Trout) – 4:46:20
  • Team United Nations (The Carpenter, Spit, Bulkhead) – 4:46:35
  • Team Alpha Omega (Sludge, Opus, Glide) – 4:57:20

The Rat Pack had to take a unfortunate time penalty since Corned Beef didn’t take the correct turn on his 2nd run.

A few highlights:

  • Faceplant to the title for the fastest 10k with a 44:25
  • Several PAX set PR’s on their 10k including YHC (47:34)
  • Thanks to Luggie who was our runner support on bike
  • “The Returners” (last year’s Colonial team) show what they learned from last year by prepping wiser.
  • The whole race felt like a competition with all team at one point within 5 minutes of each other and three time finishing within a minute and half.

Final Thoughts – This was fun, challenging, and up lifting. The PAX is already looking forward to do it again soon!